Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Online Shopping and Cooking!

I feel like I haven't ordered from in forever!!  But then again, I haven't really been home often enough to order anything either (between Birmingham, the beach, Birmingham, France, Birmingham, Birmingham, Birmingham, and Birmingham...I may have added/missed a few Birminghams in there...)

So today I ordered the oh-so-popular aluminum foil in our apartment...we use it when we cook almost everything on our cookie sheet...saves us from having to stick that thing in our sink and take up all our space! ((We have an old fashioned manual dish-washer for all of you who haven't seen our apartment. And by that, I mean... water, faucet, gloves, sponge/rag, and soap. hahaha)  Anywho, I'm just excited because I know I'm going to run out of that stuff soon and I don't like having to run to the store every time I run out of aluminum foil...

If you haven't ordered from Alice before, it's free shipping to your door (or to your mail room in our case :) :) ) and they automatically apply lots of manufacturer's coupons.  They've got lots of cleaning supplies, toilet paper (they're favorite thing to advertise..."Never run out of toilet paper again") and some interesting snacks, drinks, and meals.  We like to get the soup packs from time to time.  You pretty much just add chicken broth, and maybe one or two other ingredients and let it cook! :)

Anywho, I'm thinking I'm going to go try to make some Mango bread... Publix has had good deals on Mangoes the last two weeks and I remembered to get some yesterday!  I saw recipes on Paint Chips and Frying Pans for Kiwi Banana Bread and Pear Delight Bread and I have kiwis and bananas....and we'll see what comes out of the oven hahaha. :)