Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bastille Day Dinner Improv! Mini Paninis

I realized that today is July 14...hence Bastille Day!

Lucky me, I bought a baguette in Publix that needed to be eaten today, but no tomatoes, so I couldn't make my normal go-to when I have bread on hand (Super Simple Dinner).  So I came up with something along the same lines.  Mini Paninis!

I sliced the baguette into thin slices and buttered one side of a piece of bread and placed it on the grill pan.  Next, sprinkle some shredded cheese, then slice a piece of ham in half, fold and set on top.  Sprinkle more cheese.  On the second piece of bread, spread some pesto on one side, and butter on the other.  Set on the sandwich, butter side up.  Flip when the bottom bread is nice and toasty.

This particular baguette was a little skinnier than some I've bought in the past, so we ate 3 or 4 sandwiches each (depending on which end of the baguette your sandwiches came from!! :) )

Sarah is a picky eater, but she loooooves pepperoni and cheese sandwiches (coughcoughpizzacoughcough), so we made her two pepperoni and cheese mini paninis to eat with her dinner. :)

(((Photo credits to my little sister who took pictures while I finished cooking!)))
This one is my favorite picture...

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