Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday Summary

I haven't blogged any during the day because I knew I would have some more "bloggy" things to talk about now that today is almost goes! :)

I started off by making a yummy smoothie for breakfast this morning...2 kiwi, 2 banana, and what was salvageable of the mango I had left in the kitchen. (I had originally planned on making some kiwi banana bread, but I ran out of flour after making mango bread....
Anywho, I topped off my smoothie with a slice of cucumber (why didn't I add some of those? I have a good bit of cucumber...maybe tomorrow!) and a peppermint leaf.  It was pretty hahaha. :)

Then after watching some movies, doing some laundry, and starting the cupcakes...I made a passport cover!  While I was in France, I was wishing I had one because I liked to stick my boarding passes in the pages of my passport, and I was always afraid they would fall out in my purse and I'd have to dig for them.  So here's my solution for next time I travel (oh, and it keeps it from getting bent too!)

Like the elastic strap to keep everything in the cover?  (Inspired by this coffee coozie) And I made a small pocket in the back cover to tuck some cash or whatever in there.  The original idea was a pocket big enough for boarding passes, but then I realized the pocket would have to be the size of the passport itself! hahaha! :)  There are a few little tweaks I'd like to make to it if I make more!

After sewing the button in place, I finished up the cupcakes for the dinner party I went to tonight with some of the faculty and students in Motor Development.  I got the idea for these cupcakes off of one of the recipe websites a few months ago, and they were a hit when I made them for a Sunday School party.  The cupcakes are just white cake batter cupcakes.  The icing is one container of cool whip and one normal sized package of pudding mix (french vanilla is what I used), all mixed up. I spread a little icing on the cupcakes, then sliced strawberries and put a slice on top and a few they were red, white, and blue! :)

Yummy, yummy, yummy...good enough to eat for breakfast! :)


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