Friday, February 18, 2011

Shopping Rules

I don't think I've posted it on here yet, but my goal this year is to not buy any unnecessary clothes this year.  Instead, I'm going to re-make clothes or simply make clothes.  I've got two boxes, plus numerous bags of fabric, and a basket full of clothes to fix/re-make.

But....If I WERE buying clothes this year...these would be my shopping rules!
I don't really know when these "rules" developed, but somehow overtime they have.  Some of them may seem impossible to you, but trust me, I have a closet and a set of drawers overflowing to prove that these rules are doable.  I almost always shop the clearance rack (I at least visit it before I shop through the rest of the store).

Here's how it goes: I'll write the item type and the maximum I'll spend! :)

  • Dresses: $30
  • Jeans: $20
    • I've gotten most of my jeans at American Eagle, and I've even managed to get Silver brand jeans and Seven brand jeans at this price :)
  • Shirts (other than tshirts): $20
  • TShirts: $10
    • If it's for a race (therefore $ going to a cause) $20 (and I've REALLY got to love that cause)
  • Long sleeve dressy shirts: $25
  • Shoes: $30
    • I got Chaco flipflops and my wedding shoes at this price! :)
  • Running Shoes: $60
  • Purse: $30
    • (and I've only spent that once. I got my Kavu purse for $1 and I've carried that thing almost every day for about two years! :) )
  • Tank/Spaghetti Strap Shirts: $5
  • Socks: around $1 a pair (so for a pack of 6 athletic socks, $6-$8 max)
  • Skirts: $15
    • very doable if you thrift store shop and alter your skirts to fit!
  • Shorts: $10 ($15 if they're for work and I have to have them and can't find them for $10)

Did I leave anything out?? If I did, leave me a comment, and if I have a "rule" for it, I'll add it! :)
(I just added a few that were sent to me! :) )