Thursday, June 2, 2011

New dress-from-a-skirt refashion (again!)

Raise your hand if you remember this dress I made from a skirt I got at the thrift store!

Well, I tweaked it again!  Since the back was somewhat stretchy, it didn’t stay up too well, so I was already considering adding straps of some sort!

I saw on Martha Stewart’s site instructions for a really cute dress from a skirt…

(Find the instructions and a video here!)

Sooooo……..I did some sewing and made this!!


That’s just some leftover bias tape I had in my sewing box that I used for the strap and sash.

Today, I finished the sash by hot gluing a cluster of matching buttons onto a pin backing.  Then, I’ll use the pin (or brooch if you’re feeling fancy! :) ) to hold the ends of the bias tape together for the sash!


I decided I should throw in the plaid green button because I’m pretty sure it’s from a dress my mom made and wore when I was younger…if it’s not, it reminds of that dress! :)

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