Friday, October 31, 2008

SAACURH 2008 at Clemson University

We had soooo much fun!! And now we all have lots of jokes between all of us to remind us of the weekend. I'm so glad that everyone who went got to go...I am super blessed to have met all of you!! :) Can't wait 'till ALURH in Tuscaloosa in January!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Paw-Paw's Birthday Flag

Here's a picture of one of the 80 American flags Mom and Dad found for Paw-Paw's 80th birthday. I edited it to straighten it up and to make it black and white with the exception of the flag and the flower.

Syrup Soppin' Festival!

Julia A and I went to the Syrup Soppin' Festival today.  We had soooo much fun!!  We ate waaaaay too many boiled peanuts, washed them down with Diet Coke and Pink Lemonade, bought t-shirts (and wore tshirts we made this morning!).  We watched some cane syrup be made...and got a few wiffs of the mules' perfume while we stood there.  We saw so much stuff we wanted to buy, but figured it was probably best we didn't spend all of our money!  Afterwards, we drove around looking at really cool houses.  Basically, it was a really pretty day for a Saturday drive around Lee County and into Macon County! :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Callie's Birthday

Callie has been wanting to go to Whispering Oaks for at least a year, so Julia and I decided to take her ther (without telling her where she was going for lunch) on her 21st birthday! We stuffed ourselves...that place is so good!! :)  I think the quote of the day was when Julia said, "We have to be quiet in's Whispering Oaks."  Here is the song that resulted...

Wedding Website

Go look at our wedding website!! :)  There is also a map of some of the local hotels, restaurants, shopping, (and of course, coffe shops!), and Auburn landmarks.

Adam and Wendy

Hi everyone!  A little about us...We met in the tenth grade in Shades Valley High School's lunchroom in January 2003 and started dating in November 2003 during our Junior year.  We are now in Auburn.  Adam works for the City of Auburn Fire Division and Wendy works for Housing and Residence Life.  We got engaged July 24, 2008 and are getting married July 25, 2009!