About A and W

I met a cute boy in the lunchroom in the tenth grade. :)

We dated through high school and college,
and were married at our church home in Opelika, Alabama.

For the first two years of our married life, we lived in a Residence Hall on campus while we both worked on our degrees and absolutely loved it!  We fed the girls in our building home-cooked meals and I taught them how to sew and do other crafts… but the girls especially appreciated Adam's handiness in killing bugs and jumping car batteries!

Ten years after that first shared lunch, we've added a cat, two dogs (one needs a clear picture), and two adorable little boys to our house! He's fighting fires in the city where he grew up, and I stay at home with our one and three year olds. Expect to see lots of pictures, recipes, crafts…and did I say pictures?