Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Cleaning Schedule

According to some Pinterest pins, Faebook updates, and Blog posts, it looks like a lot of people have a New Year's Resolution to keep their house clean, clean out their house and get rid of stuff, or to do a big overall house clean to start off the year.  That's kinda what we've been up to!  We came back home after being out of town for a few days for Christmas, and we realized our house was a wreck haha! There were receipts from Christmas presents we bought, half packed suitcases (we went out of town every weekend in December I think, plus some weekdays, so there were times when we never unpacked!), Christmas decorations, and random mail all over the place.  We decided that while we put away the Christmas stuff, it'd be a good time to do a complete clean of the house (and we wound up rearranging some too!)

Anywho, I'm never doing a "total house cleaning" at once again. We were pooped!  Sometime soon after we moved into this house, I made this cleaning schedule that makes keeping the house clean easy! Basically, you focus on one room (or group of rooms) per day each week (except the weekends!) to clean. Everyday, you do any laundry or tidying up that's needed.

Feel free to download the picture to print out! I keep mine on the wall next to my washer and dryer!

Here is a plain version.....

And one with a Hydrangea background! :)

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