Wednesday, January 25, 2012

February Meal Plan & Free Downloadable Template!

After many months of not writing down my meal plan, and scrambling at 5:30 to find something to cook for dinner....I've written a February Meal Plan! :) Every two or three days, I include a day of leftovers for two reasons: a break from cooking, and a time to clean out the fridge.

There are some recipes that are already on my blog, some that are on other blogs, and some in cookbooks around my house.  If you want a recipe you see on the calendar right now, let me know, and I'll give you a link or type it up for you! Otherwise...these are the recipes you can expect to see mentioned on my blog this month! (Along with whatever else I bake along the way).  I'll give you a fair warning...there are going to be days when we scratch what's on the menu and eat leftovers or go out to eat haha! But at least this way, I have something to refer to.

In the past, I've made a master shopping list and took one day to hunt down the best deals for the ingredients in the menu.  I've decided to try something different now that I work a regular schedule. (In school, I only worked nights, so I had the entire day to go to grocery stores).  I'm going to check the grocery ads when they come out and go shopping one night a week (likely a leftovers night) to get any ingredients for the month that are on sale that week.

You can click on the images to download a JPEG, or you can go here to download a PDF of the completed menu, and here to download the blank template PDF.

I'm linking up with OrgJunkie's Meal Plan Monday!