Saturday, February 4, 2012

Spare Room Before: 29 Day Organizational Challenge at Org Junkie

This month, I'm participating in the 29 Day Organizational Challenge over at I'm an Organizing Junkie

I started to brainstorm how to make this room a better place before I knew about this challenge...but luckily, I didn't do anything other than shred a few papers and hang up some earrings before the challenge started!!

This room is our spare room/office/sewing room.  There are who-knows-how-many books, half of my sewing supplies, all of my craft supplies, a TV, a bed, and some random boxes hiding behind the bed (and more books...).

So, I'm going to show you the before picture....don't judge me! The room is perfectly sized for a spare room OR and office OR a sewing the before picture is quite cluttered. Hence, the plan to organize! :)

Let's see here...from left to right...a cat, an empty box, a box of random Christmas things to store, a notebook, some things I found at the Target dollar aisle to organize with, a chair with a mini ironing board sitting on it, my dad's old camera, a pile of fabric, and there's my new camera bag...sitting in my chair.

This is the scary part. You can sorta see the plastic drawers I put in here when we moved in for organizing craft supplies and things to be scrapbooked.  And yes, they're quite organized, but sometimes impossible to open because of the stuff sitting in front! All sorts of stuff is stuffed in the compartments of my desk...There's my sewing machine sitting on another bookshelf, and a filing box in front of the bookshelf.

I didn't take a picture of the other wall in this room, because it just has two bookshelves and a TV. Not much to do there unless I clean off some books or something! :)

Hopefully, by the end of this month, this will be a fully functional BedCraftOffice Room! :)