Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Love the Hall M Ladies!

We've had a great year in our building this year.  Granted, we've had a few interesting experiences! Overall, I have absolutely loved this year.  I've had more girls come to activities on a regular basis this year than any other year I've worked in housing.  I think I can easily say I recognize and can place names with faces with much more of my girls this year than I could in the past.  They've made this year great! We have a great mix of Freshmen and Upperclassmen.  Everyone is always advising each other about which teachers to take/not take.  And inevitably, while everyone is hanging out at a hall activity (or just hanging out watching Project Runway), we always learn something new about one or two of the residents that we didn't know before!  This year, we've had family dinners, craft nights, tv nights, and hang out and chill nights...and a snow day!  Today was Sips N Strokes! (Which is where I was going when I started writing this...but got carried away haha..see the pictures I painted below.) We've eaten food from everywhere from here to France and to Mobile and back.  Everyone knows if we say food is going to be ready at 8pm, it's really going to be ready at 8:30 pm....unless we've never made the recipe in our life...then it'll be ready at 7:55pm and everyone will be shocked.  My RAs Meagan and Megan have been fantastic!! There's nothing negative to say about either of them.  They're both full of ideas and full of smiles.  I'm going to miss my girls next year and I'm really really going to miss living with my Me(a)gans.  I love y'all. :)