Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Wreath!

Here's the Christmas wreath I talked about! (And the door to go with it!) As I get Christmas cards, I want to hang them on the door...although I just realized that I will only have residents in my building to see my door until Friday they may never see any cards I may get! Oh well!! :)

PS In case you haven't heard....the Auburn Tigers are the SEC Champions!!! :) There were one or two people rolling Toomer's Corner tonight...ha. More like HUNDREDS!! People were standing in a line that wrapped around Tiger Rags to get a SEC Champions shirt that has the season's scores on it.  They look pretty nice I have to say! :)

I'm slowly updating my blog...slowly....this semester is wrapping up, so I'm working on studying for Finals, making breakfast for my girls during Finals, making sure I've got everything settled to graduate in May, and closing up the building for Christmas.  Next week will be quite calm though.  Everyone will pretty much be out of this town for the month.