Monday, July 5, 2010

Passport Covers & Notecards on Etsy!

In case you haven't looked at my etsy shop, stop by!  I've got several sets of watercolor notecards listed, painted by my father-in-law.  And just now, I've added a listing for 5 passport covers I made tonight! :)  I've made it so you can have a choice in what button you have on front.  I'm so excited!! You can ask Adam...I've been talking everyday for the last...two weeks....about how I want to make something to put on Etsy!  After I made my passport cover (because I wished I had one when I went to France)...I was already thinking about making more and listing them, and then I had a few several people confirm that for me.

Right now, I only have one blue paisley design listed, but I've got LOTS of fabric here I can use.  Adam voted I make some Auburn colored ones, of course.  So I'm sure I'll list some of those soon! :)

Anywho, I'm excited! :)