Monday, July 26, 2010

It's already Tuesday??

1. Do you sing in the shower or car when no one else is listening?

Not in the shower, but YES in the car.

2.  Do you have a nickname you go by now or growing up?

My Grandpa used to call me WendyBurger :)  I also was called "Little Wendell" growing up because I look A LOT like my dad.  Now, people tend to call me WendayBird :) (with an a hahah)

3. Do you speak another language?

Oui, je parle français tout les temps....mon pauvre mari hahahah! :)

4. Where is you favorite vacation spot?

I love going to the mountains and the beach with my hubby but I'm also still reminiscing about my awesome trip to France my parents gave me for college graduation. :)

5. What do you cook the most for dinner?
Creamy Chicken Casserole.  (any variation of it...) Our favorite for sure!