Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Traveling Notebook - What a Great Idea!

When I was in Mrs. Black's First Grade class, we had a teddy bear (don't remember his name....) and a notebook in the classroom.  Each weekend, a different student took the notebook and teddy bear home and their homework was to write what they did that weekend.  When I finally got the notebook, it was so cool to read what all my classmates had done over their weekends!

Well, one blogger has a similar idea she's started...The Notebook Journey

How cool is that!!  When the notebook is full, it'll get shipped back to her, and she can read everything people have written, see pictures people have drawn...and right now, it's overseas in Ireland!!! (Lucky notebook, it's a world traveler, and it's not having to pay for airplane tickets and stuff...just flat rate mailing boxes haha)

Anywho, she's thinking about starting a second if you're interested, go to her blog and read about it.  She has a "Contact" tab where her email is posted so you can email her and let her know you want in on the next notebook! :)