Sunday, February 6, 2011

Woohoo for a fun award! :)

Hydrantgirl has been making fun awards for her readers and this is the one she designed for me! Smile I love it!! I’m craving some A&W burgers now too!! Smile Smile


And here is the award I’ve made for her!!

firemedic couple

Because it’s true!  The two of them are Firemedics (and they make a cute couple!)  I thought Adam & I had a crazy schedule between my work schedule in the building and his work schedule at the station.  I bet they’ve got us beat!!

Plus, her blog deserves an award because Adam likes to check out the blog from time to time to see if they’ve got any recent fire pictures uploaded…hehehe. Oh and because she’s Canadian and that’s SUPER cool.  I want to visit Canada one of these days! OH! And because she is a cowgirl!!  If you haven’t hopped over to her blog yet, you should as soon as you finish reading this!!

Hydrantgirl and Her Firefighter