Monday, February 7, 2011

Men’s Shirt Redesign–Brown Stripe

I have a stack of a few of my Paw-Paw’s old shirts that I’ve been planning on redesigning into something I can wear.  I finally finished one of them!! I can’t wait to wear it!
This shirt is a men’s XL light brown/almost tan & white stripe shirt made by Kingsport. It's a relatively lightweight fabric, which meant when I was taking it apart at the seams, I had to use scissors instead of a seam ripper because the seam ripper made the thread pull on the fabric too much. 
Anywho, so here is the summary of before and after…
I took off the pocket, removed the top part of the collar, made little seams on the front and back to pull the shirt in to a gather, and put slits in the side since the shirt was so long. (It should probably be classified as a tunic really!)
This project involved removing almost ever pre-sewn seam from the shirt, altering, and re-sewing it! It was a lot of fun!
brown stripe shirt after (4)

Pinning the shirt to see how many gathers I would need in order to pull the sleeves up to my shoulders.

brown stripe shirt after (5)

See? I wasn’t kidding when I said I took out most of the seams! :)  This made sewing the pleats easier.

    brown stripe shirt after (10)brown stripe shirt after (8)
brown stripe shirt after (11)

Now, instead of a men’s XL, it’s more of a women’s Medium! Smile I love it! Smile

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