Saturday, February 11, 2012

Organizing the Spare Room Progress! :)

Today I'm linking up to show my progress in the BedCraftOffice room! :)
Hopefully, you'll notice the improvement, and maybe get some organizing ideas in the process! :)

Go here to see my before pictures...

And here is how it's looking now! :)

This is a good ol' cell phone picture I sent a friend of mine to show progress while I was a look check out the next picture!

Yay! You can sorta see my make-shift ribbon holder hanging from the curtain rod. Well, I sorta liked the idea, but def wanted something different, or a way to improve it (you can see it better in the picture of the other side of the room)...and I found the perfect thing a the thrift'll be in my next update! (Unless it sneaks its way into a post before then!)

See the Yellow Boxes in the top left cubby of my desk? Nesquick containers! I spray painted the bottoms green (like the trays just above them) and kept the lids clear yellow so I can see in them.

Check out the cubby above the computer scorn on the right. All my basic office supplies are organized there, and I used a cream cheese tub (cleaned out and spray painted green) to hold rubber bands. :)

I moved my blue plastic drawers to the top of the bookshelf and put black paper in front of them to hide all my scrapbook paper and things from France to scrapbook. (Once this room is clean and organized, yes, I'll mess it back up by scrapbooking! :) )

I also hung up my Paris bulletin board that my friend Holli gave me Freshman year of College, and my new quilting square that I found at Wal-Mart for $3! It's two squares in one...pretty exciting right? :)

Oh, and those trays on the top...they were in the dollar section at Target (with the two magazine holders that are holding...coloring books... :) ) and I liked the print on them, but I didn't want a million different prints in here...mostly solids, so I lightly spray painted them with my green spray paint...then decided I needed a shelf.....

Thank you Amazon shipping box that I cut off the flaps and one side.
And black spray paint.

Once dry, that new shelf fit perfectly right between those trays to hold bills and receipts. :)

Now, this side of the room is more like the holding place while I sort through stuff...but it still looks better than the before! You can see the ribbon holder I made (but am going to rework). I used a wire clothes hanger and a paper towel tube...but I didn't' have a good place to hang it other than the curtain rod. You'll see how I change that up later.