Sunday, April 6, 2014

Planning a One Year Birthday Party

In less than one month, we'll be having a 1st Birthday at our house (weird).

I've been asked since before he was born what the theme of the party will be…when my sister had her 1st Birthday, I don't remember us having a theme…but that was the days before Pinterest. ;)

I've thought of several themes….from Lego Fireman to Sesame Street to SuperWhy (my kid loves the music in the show and will stop what he's doing to listen and dance to every time they start singing!).  BUT I decided I wanted to carry over the theme from his baby shower and baby tea…both matched his blue and green nursery with a tree on the wall.

We have a gorgeous Magnolia tree in our front yard, so we've decided to set up most of the party in the shade of that tree.  Planning for a party at your house right at Spring Cleaning time is apparently a great way to motivate you to clean out your entire house and yard….just so you know….(if you stop by my house right now, don't judge!)

One of my cousins had an oversized cupcake for her little girl's first birthday, and I loved the idea (especially since I already have the pan for that! ;)).  I remembered last time I made a cake in that pan, that icing the bottom half of the cupcake was the hardest part…but I found a great tutorial for how to make a candy "cupcake liner" for the big cupcake!  Also, I love the rosette look on top of the cupcake…and I might do some sort of variating shades of blue and green like here.

Granted, whatever he wears when he digs into a cake is going to get messy…but a shirt like this from Lil Threadz Clothing would be adorable before he's covered in cake and icing!!

Sadly, I haven't changed the garden flag in my front yard (today maybe?)….my cute spring flag is packed in the closet, and our flag currently says something about fall being in the air….oops.  Maybe I'll make something like one of these flags at Modern Rustic Girl for the party.

While shopping at Hobby Lobby one day, I came across some great cupcake liners for dirt cheap.  They have the number 1 on them, and are surrounded in blue, green, and red polka dots! I'll make cupcakes and display them similarly to how these folks did at this blue and green party.

I put pennant flags on his invitation, and I'm thinking of hanging some in front of the house somewhere (like these at Vintage Green Limited)…and maybe hanging some around the cupcakes (like these at Hartranftdesign)…we'll see what happens! I'll post some pictures after the party!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Time for Changes!

I started this blog a few months after Adam and I got engaged.  At the time, I didn't know if this blog would become a journal for just me and my family to read, a place to show what I was working on for my wedding (I wound up creating a separate place for that here), or a place for recording married life.  Considering all of that, I appropriately named it after us… not overly creative, no, but it left wiggle room for whatever would come of this blog!

A lot has changed since 2008 - we got married, lived on campus, lived off campus, I started new jobs, we got two pets, we moved, we both started new jobs, had a baby, he started a new job, and now I'm going to be a stay at home mom to a one year old at the end of this month!

I think it's safe to say that it's time for a blog name change!  We're more than just A and W now…so, I guess I'll be brainstorming that…any suggestions?

In the meantime, we're planning his first birthday party! Soon, I'll post some of the pictures that I've used for inspiration.  It's going to be blue and green (to match his nursery) and we're going to snack on cupcakes and…I haven't decided what else!

Until then…here's a sneak peek at his invitation that I designed!  I've been making a few invitations/announcements lately for family and friends, and I'll be adding them to my etsy shop soon!

etsy - wendyamarie