Thursday, October 20, 2011


We adopted a cutie from the Lee County Humane Society this week! Nova is a 2 and a half month old tabby kitten who looooves to run across the living room and slide into the kitchen, and she loves to crawl on your neck or arm to takes nap. She's about the size of my size 9.5/10 foot right now, but she thinks she's a lot bigger! She's going to be a primarily outdoor cat, but she hasn't been to the doctor yet, so we don't want to leave her outside by herself quite yet! Until she's a little bigger, she's taken over my bathroom haha!

Oh, and the story on her name...we picked Nova because it's an Auburn name. :) One of the eagles that is trained to fly before the football games is named Nova. (In fact, I think they just started letting Nova fly more often in the place of Spirit VI? I could be wrong haha!) Anywho, there have been several eagles named Spirit (I, II, III, IV, V, and VI) so when my sister adopted her cat a few years ago, she named it....Sparkey :). We make fun of her because she got Spirit and Sparkey mixed up, but Sparkey is the perfect name for that cat!! :)

The picture of Nova curled up on me in my red shirt is her as I type haha! She's quite content and is going to be heartbroken when I make her get up so I can get ready for the day! :) The pictures automatically cropped funny from the Blogger app I'm using, but if you click on the pictures, a slide show should open up so you can see them full size. :)