Tuesday, March 8, 2011

*Virtual Coffee*

If we were having coffee together right now....

You'd see me drinking hot Mango Tea in my France Coffee Mug (I'll have iced coffee with caramel later, don't worry! :) )

You'd hear my favorite Pandora station for studying...  la musique français (I hope that link works! It sneaks in a few non-French songs from time to time...sometimes I keep them, and sometimes I give them the boot! )

You'd see me studying for my Comprehensive Exams for my Master's...so my books and notes look something like this and this... :) I'm looking over notes for Biomechanics, Sport Injury, and some basic anatomy at the moment.  I'll look over some Motor Development stuff later ! :)

And....you'd be eye-ing the last Mini Moon Pie sitting on my coffee table that one of my residents brought me last night! :) She brought me two Peanut Butter ones and one Banana one. :) Yum! :)

If you're having virtual coffee today too, link up with Lucky Number 13 with me! :)