Thursday, March 24, 2011

White Sandwich Bread

I talked about how excited I was to make sandwich bread over here…but I never actually posted the recipe I used!  I found a recipe at (Traditional White Bread by Danialle) and changed it up a little to make one loaf instead of two, and swapped oil for the lard.  I still haven’t quite perfected the bread.  I have a tendency to add more and more flour as I knead it on a floured surface…  It is delicious, that’s for sure! A grilled sandwich on this bread is SO GOOD.  The only thing is, it’s pretty dense, which makes a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich incredibly filling!  I’ve read a few different places that if you decrease the amount of flour you use in a bread recipe, it will be lighter, so I’m working on that.  Do any of you make bread? If you do, is it dense or light? If it’s light….what do you do? :)

Here is a screen shot of the recipe in case you can’t get the link to work! :)