Saturday, February 5, 2011

Previous Etching Projects!

As promised, here are some other projects I’ve etched, including the glass I etched for our wedding and reception.
*Glass mugs for Flowergirl & Ringbearer* I put a princess on the back of Olivia’s mug and my dad etched a race-car on the back of Tyler’s mug.
*Our unity candle*  Since we can’t burn candles in our building or have candles with burnt wicks, I thought having a floating candle in a reusable vase would be perfect! I etched our monogram that I designed and our wedding date.
Adam and Wendy Wedding July 2009 065    Adam and Wendy Rehersal July 2009 157   
*Toasting glasses & Centerpiece glasses*  Both styles of glasses had our monogram letters on them.  Also, both styles of glasses were wedding gifts.  We thought it would neat to incorporate gifts from others at our wedding so they could see that we were already using what they had given.
Adam and Wendy Wedding July 2009 180
*Coffee Mugs* These were for two friends of the family who helped out with the rehearsal dinner.  I made aprons for them with J & E on them as well!

More recently, I’ve worked on some other gifts!
My Mom got these glass coasters for Christmas!
downsized_1219000042 1219000043  1219000043a

And my sister got a hot cocoa mug with her nickname on it Smile Of course, I somehow managed to forget to take a finished product pictures, but here it is in the process! Smile
A few months ago, I posted a blog entry about a wedding gift I made for one of the firemen and his wife.  When they were at our wedding and rehearsal, they really liked the glasses I etched, so I made a set of four for them using the monogram on their invitation!

I think I’ve covered just about everything I’ve etched that I have pictures of! Enjoy and let me know if you have more questions about glass etching! It’s so easy, so fun, and makes gifts and decorations very personal! Smile

Here is the link to my Glass Etching Tutorial! (So you don't have to go look for it again! :) :))
I was asked if etching glass is easier on flat glass.
Yes, I've learned that the flatter the surface the easier.  The glasses I used as centerpieces were curved, but flat in the center, so they worked well.  Also, I've learned that the less intricate the design, the easier (unless you're lucky enough to have a Silhouette or Cricket or something to cut out the image for you! haha!)  I bought some clear Christmas ornaments (balls) to try to etch at the end of the  season, and I haven't gotten brave enough to do them yet.  They are the smaller ornaments and I was trying to do an image that wrapped around the ornament.  When I do them, I think I'm going to just put a pretty initial or something on them! :)
Here are some glasses similar to the ones I used!
Also check out stores like Ross & TJMaxx for unique glassware at great prices!
Wal-Mart & Hobby Lobby also have lots of great glassware for etching!