Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Little Kitchen

Today, {Love Stitched} is having a kitchen feature (and a giveaway!) I know I may have one of the smallest kitchens in the Linky party, but will say…I’ve had smaller! :)

Well, here goes! This is my entire kitchen!


The lovely laminate flooring was laid by my hubby.  It’s the kind that sticks to itself and not the floor, so essentially, it’s a custom made wooden rug to cover the tiles underneath.

That’s not a dishwasher behind the black curtain (that just made me think of the Wizard of Oz, by the way), it’s just a curtain I made to hide our cleaning supplies.  I have a table too, but it really sits in the “den” or “dining area” whichever you want to call it! :)

Here are some close-ups…


The left side of the kitchen…What do you think about that loooooong cabinet on the left? When we first moved in, we thought it was a little odd, but now we have come to realize that it’s the perfect coffee cup cabinet! :)


And the right side of the kitchen…where we have our fridge FILLED with pictures (and aprons hanging on the side) On top of the fridge, do you see the pink and white sugar and cream jars? My great grandmother made those! :) Oh, I’ll take a close up real quick and add it…



From left to right….behind the coffee&Eiffel Tower themed cutting board my sister gave me…..olive oil in the pretty jar my mom & dad gave me for Christmas, seasoning olive oil in a jar my mom got at Olive Garden, bowtie pasta, pepper&salt, spaghetti noodles, and empty Eiffel Tower jar, mortar&pestle, cookbooks!, a print from my friend Catherine, coffee, coffee, and more coffee, my French press, a tile I got as a birthday present from our friend Adam that says “A Day without prayer is like a day without coffee”, there’s some cherry flavored liquid sugar hanging out back there behind our coffee grinder, and there’s the coffee machine. :)


And…if you look to the right, you’ll see a box holding vintage salt&pepper shakers (did I mention we collect these??), fake books holding up dessert-themed cookbooks, a banana that should be eaten today, and my cookbook holder that holds a calendar when it’s not busy.  My CrockPot hides behind the cookbooks and cookbook holders (we have to be thrifty with space in this kitchen).  And this cutting board is from my MamaRie & PawPaw.  They gave it to me when I got my second apartment (which had a kitchen smaller than this one, but larger than my first one!)


And the oven (love this thing).  They replaced the oven in our apartment just before we moved in.  I think the guy who lived here before us may have cooked pizza in it once.  Like the pot holder on the side that I made? And the Orange Tea Pot my sister gave me?  To the left, there is a little candle melter with a coffee-scented candle on top.  We can’t burn candles in the Residence Halls because they are a fire hazard, so candle melters are wonderful (and make the place smell better than just burning a candle would!!)  There is another candle on the back burner that melts when we’re cooking…it smells like dessert….cinnamon rolls I believe! :)

And there you have it, that’s our little kitchen!