Saturday, July 30, 2011

Plans, and lack thereof...

This made me and Adam giggle today! :)
It's pretty much describes what we're doing right now! My plan A, and plan B, and possibly other plans didn't  work as I planned, but that's alright! What's going on now works!  We're just constantly reminding ourselves that God's in charge of plans, not us. :)

Here's the short story.  I graduated with my Master's in May and planned on staying here for my PhD.  That could have worked, but it wasn't God's plan right now.  Then I planned on continuing working as a student employee by taking one class a semester as a non-degree seeking student.  That didn't work (who knew one class a semester as a non-degree student could cost as much as a full-time undergrad's semester? But with no opportunity for financial aid haha). So I waited to hear back about possibly working as a student employee without being a student.  During that time of waiting, I slowly started to see how God was trying to show me that I was just supposed to move on, and let Him show me where to go next.  

That would be a big move.  That meant looking for a new place to live and a new job (since the two went hand-in-hand before).  Friday night, I finally stopped trying to justify why I shouldn't change my plans, and decided I was going to do my best not to worry about what was going to happen.  Within the hour, Adam and I were offered a place to stay until we knew where we were supposed to go next. Awesome right?

That said, we'll see what happens next! :)