Monday, June 6, 2011

No-Sew Upcycled Luggage Tag

A little while back, I wrote a guest post for The Scrap Shoppe.  Just in case you missed it, this is what I shared with her readers! :)  Go have fun making some tags for all your summer luggage! :) :)

Hi everyone! :)  My name is Wendy and I’m so excited to be visiting The Scrap Shoppe from my blog A and W.  I blog about crafts, cooking, sewing, and life in general as a firefighter’s wife working on finishing Grad school.

Today I’m sharing with you how to make a simple luggage tag using pieces of scrapbook paper, a cardboard box, some bias tape, and contact paper.  Easy enough right? :)
Let’s get started! :)
1. Cut two pieces of scrapbook paper and one piece of cardboard the size you want your luggage tag to be.
2. Glue one piece of paper on each side of the cardboard.
3. Print a label (using a cute font like the font found at Kevin and Amanda’s website :) ) and glue it onto one side of the tag. (PS This font is “Pea Hannah Vanilla”)
4. Cut two pieces of contact paper to go on each side of the tag
5. Place the contact paper on each side of the tag and trim with about 1/4” around each side.
6. Using hot glue or some other strong glue, adhere the bias tape around the edges of the tag.
7. After going around all of the edges, leave a long length of bias tape on the end to make into the loop for the tag to go through.
8. Glue the bias tape closed, leaving a small space right next to the tag for the end of the bias tape to go into.
9. Cut the end of the bias tape at an angle and tuck it in next to the tag.  Glue in place.
10. You’re done! :)  If you want to secure it for airport travel, simply stitch a seam in the bias tape.  This is perfect to put on your beach bag before you head to the beach! :)
Thanks so much for having me over today Michelle! I know you’re loving spending time with your new little one! :)