Monday, November 15, 2010

Etsy Shop: Candy Apple Designs

Adam and I have been Christmas shopping for quite a few months now.  We decided we may as well buy gifts for people as we seem them in stores and say, "Such-and-such would like this..." rather than hoping we remember what the potential gift was...and where we saw it...several months later.  Anywho, that said, I sometimes use that "we're shopping for Christmas all the time" excuse as a really good reason to browse on Etsy and see what others (or I) might like to have.  I've been eye-ing quite a few great gift ideas the last few months and gave in and bought something for us! :)

That said, I just got something in the mail today that made this cold rainy day more exciting!

Thursday I ordered this really neat Christmas decoration from Candy Apple Designs on Etsy.  It's a vinyl that she's made for you to put on one of those glass blocks.  I know Hobby Lobby has some with holes cut in them for lights, or you can just put a light behind the block.

Glass Block Center Nativity Scene
This is her picture from her listing here: Glass Block Center Nativity Scene

Here's what I got in the mail!
She threw in a surprise for me which I love! I'm trying to decide if I want to put it on a simple ceramic ornament, or a mirror ornament, or on a pretty bowl or dish to put out for Christmas...I've got lots of ideas running through my head! I'll see what they have at Hobby Lobby that looks interesting! I might even put it on a cookie stand or something..hmmm.  

Check out her shop if you have a chance!
Here's another Nativity scene in her shop that I love...
Nativity Ornament Vinyl Design

Oh, and I'm a fan of these chalk labels that I would put on my spice jar lids.
They're on my Amazon Universal Wishlist. :)
Get Organized Chalk Labels small or large set