Monday, November 8, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge : Day 9 : A picture of your friends

This one is a little hard for me because I have lots of friends in many different places.  After high school graduation, most of my friends moved to different schools across the south.  I made new friends every year during my undergrad, and most of those have graduated and moved on to other jobs across the county (or across the world!)  During my Grad School years, I've made more friends, but even those are quickly finishing school and getting jobs elsewhere. Let's just throw in the fact that every year I have around one hundred people living in my building and I usually keep in touch with a decent number of those after they move out.  Needless to say, there is no way I have A Picture of my friends. So, I've decided to post a picture here of my friend who is living the furtherest away at this time.  She was my first "new" friend in high school.  We had 9th grade World History together and I asked her one day if she would save me a seat in the lunchroom while I went to buy my lunch (I almost always brought my lunch because my Mom is awesome and always packed one for me except on the rare occasion when I was craving whatever they were making at school).  Anywho, that was a very long sentence!!  So back to my story.  Holli (guess I just gave away who the friend is before I showed the picture!) saved my seat and I shared my onion rings with her.  We were lunchroom buddies for the next four years.  :)

Junior Prom (This is our reference to the song "In Love With The 80s" by Relient K

The day we got our caps and gowns for high school graduation! :)

Last day hanging out in the Commons at IB.

At her apartment at the end of Freshman Year of College

Graduating from Auburn!! :)