Monday, November 15, 2010

Shutterfly's 2010 Card Collection (and other good stuff!)

Yesterday while my sister was in town, we were going to get her to take our Christmas card picture.  The weather wasn't very pretty so we changed out mind.  Plus, Adam pointed out that Christmas lights would be up soon downtown, which would be pretty! Anywho, when we finally take our pictures, we're going to have to pick between our favorites here: Shutterfly Christmas Cards

So far I like these the most...

This one is cute, but I think we'll only put one picture on our card: Peppermint Bliss Christmas Card

Adam said this one is his favorite, and it was one of my favorites too: Holly Frame Christmas Card

And of course I like this one because it's in French. :) Joyeux Noel Card

It's also about time for me to make a new calendar of us! Wall Calendars

I tried to link up the calendar I made last year, but the design is discontinued.  Here are some images from our calendar I made last year!
The Cover
I love it! :) 

In the past, I've ordered photo books, birthday cards, Father's Day Cards, and lots of pictures from Shutterfly and I'm happy with all of them!

For other Bloggers out there, you can get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly by going here: