Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thrift Store Refashion

A few weeks ago, my friend Callie and I spent the Friday shopping.  We found lots of great deals, especially when we got to the thrift store!  That day, everything with a blue or green tag was half off...and everything I found that I wanted had a blue or green tag!  I got a couple of skirts, a dress, and some wreaths to decorate! The wreaths started off as a straw wreath wrapped in plastic like this...
FloraCraft Straw Wreath 16" Clear Wrap (Pack of 3)

And when I finished it for Callie (she really liked my door decoration I made here....) it looked like this!!!
I left space for her to add ribbons if she wanted! Or she can leave it just like this!

I've also re-done some of the skirts I got that day (oh, and I'm still working on refashioning some clothes that belonged to my dad's parents for me to wear...keep your eyes out for those!

Here's one skirt (cost me about $2)...that I changed to a dress with very little work! All I had to do was take in the waist.

I made the dress form model it with my long sleeve shirt I made into a tshirt cardigan...backwards..hahaha

And after:
I love it!! I was going to just shorten it to my knee, but when I was showing the results of my shopping trip to the girls in my building, one of them suggested this...and it's perfect!  Like I said, all I did was take in what used to be the waist, so it wouldn't fall off!  I already had the belt in my closet...and I can just see this with boots and a jacket. :)

Here's a semi close-up of the fabric (I really just zoomed in...but you can sorta see the stitching on top of the design of the fabric. Nifty huh? :)