Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall Wreath

My door decoration is pretty much out of season now...so it was time for another change.  In May I put up a painting of the sun and posted about it here.  Before that, it had firetrucks on it, since I was a newlywed Fireman's Wife. :) ((Which, by the way...seeing these pictures of my rearranged room reminds me that I've been in this apartment for over a year and have yet to post pictures of the place...I'll get around to it one day I suppose!! :) ))

 I saw a really cute wreath over at Mandy's Yellow Corner and thought it'd be the perfect way to turn my summer-themed door into something more appropriate for fall. :) Adam suggested we do something Auburn-y since it's football season, so I kept that in mind too. :)

Mine's a little different than Mandy's in a few ways...
  1. Mine's not a real wreath! I made the fabric flowers and glued them to an old pillowcase one of my friends gave me to use as scrap fabric (perfect size for our bulletin board on our door.)
  2. Mandy made felt flowers and mine were made from scrap fabric.  I'm working on dwindling down my fabric stash and I didn't have orange OR blue felt, which are necessary for an Auburn inspired wreath :).  I twisted the fabric while I was wrapping it around and gluing it down to give the flowers some volume.
Here's Mandy's super cute wreath! (in case you haven't paused from reading to go see hers yet).

And here's mine!
I'm not crazy about the push pins...but the stapler was not cooperating 100% tonight.  When I think about it, I will probably sew the ribbons in place and try to come up with a great way to get it to stay on the bulletin board without tacks...hmmmm......

Here's a nice little close-up of the flowers...now you can see the polka dots on the cream ones....and you can tell that the blue ones are blue jean! :)

And like Mandy said...this didn't cost anything except a few burnt fingers! (and about 2 and a half hours-ish due to cutting out fabric, gluing them, and pulling my fingers away quickly when I stuck them in hot glue again) (How many times can a girl really forget that the hot glue gun squirts out HOT glue???....at least 5.)

Now, if you didn't go look at her blog yet....go now. :)
Besides CUTE crafts, she has some REALLY good step by step tips on how to edit your blog!