Sunday, September 26, 2010

Banana Fritters

One of my residents and I both had some bananas that needed to be gotten rid we looked up some interesting recipes for bananas while we watched the game tonight.  We loved the idea of Banana Icing, Banana Sorbet, and Banana Apple cupcakes...but we settled on Banana Fritters! :)

We found the recipe at Here's a link and a screenprint! :) (Click the image to make it bigger).
We wound up using the good parts from four very ripe bananas rather than the two bananas it suggested.

And of! :)

How cute sitting in pretty chocolate...

These were the funny looking ones while they were frying, but still yummy. :)


We got a little photo crazy waiting on the rest to fry...

And when the oil got a little low...we made a Funnel Cake!!!!! :)

Beth showing off her fritter arranging skills! :)


How pretty. :)

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