Thursday, September 16, 2010


So I didn't run today, but that's because 5 of my residents talked me into going to Zumba!!! It was so much fun!  I danced for about an hour, so I got quite the workout. (Although I'm quite sure I'll feel it in the morning!)  If you've never heard of Zumba, it's something along the lines of aerobic salsa remix dance...(that's just my definition hahaha). Here's the real description from the Zumba website.  I was looking for a  video of Zumba and came across a Today show episode where they they featured Zumba!

Sorry I didn't take any pictures, but I know I looked I didn't want any pictures taken hahaha!

At the end of this month we're going to do Zumba in our building with DVDs that we can rent from the main Housing office.  I've never done Zumba with a video before, but I'm thinking it'll be really good (and a lot a fun when it's a bunch of our girls in one room learning to dance together!! :) )