Saturday, September 25, 2010

What's in my purse (and backpack)


I'm linking up with Nice Girl Notes for "What's In Your Bag" today!  Since I carry my backpack about as often as I carry my purse...I figured I should link up both of them!

My Free Kavu :) (I'm a bargain shopper...) & my backpack my Mom got me (she's a bargain shopper too!!)
Notice the red Delta tag still on my backpack from when I left the Nice, France airport? Adam makes fun of me for keeping it on there...but it's my souvenir!! :) There's also still security stickers on the zippers...

And the contents...
My backpack is where my Handy Dandy notebook lives (these notebook/binders (Five Star Flex Hybrid) are amazing...I been using this one since I was planning my wedding, and have used it for my classes ever since.  It feels like a notebook, but works like a binder because you can add dividers and more paper.  At the same time, you can flip everything around like a notebook. :) They're basically just awesome.
Oh, back to my backpack contents...
  1. Handy Dandy notebook
  2. my polka dotted planner, 
  3. my green Gideon's Bible I got on campus one day a few years ago, 
  4. some 5 gum, 
  5. contact solution, 
  6. an old business card of one of my Sunday School teachers from years ago, 
  7. my side purse I made to take to France (which now serves as a perfect pencil/pen holder), 
  8. and two floating pens that needed to be put back in the pencil/pen holder.
Sometimes a long-sleeved tshirt winds up in there...since it's not in there, we'll assume my most recent classroom was cold!

My purse contents...
  1. My change purse I bought in Nice at has a cigale on the front. :) I'm so glad I bought it!
  2. notecards to study for my recent Exercise Physiology Test
  3. Study sheet for that same test
  4. a list of houses I felt like looking at the other day when I was going to take a Sunday drive....sometimes it's just fun to go look at houses...good way to learn random streets in town as well!
  5. copy of a purchase order from a recent hall activity (the one where my girls cooked delicious food for everyone!!!)
  6. wallet from Adam's grandma that everyone compliments me on
  7. checks
  8. Campus Cash coupons
  9. Nail Buds travel nail files :) They come in handy
  10. 2 pens
  11. a Disney princess pencil...the kind you change the lead holders used to get them at Book Fair! They were awesome..found these in the Target $1 section once. And I take a Princess pencil with me to tests in case I need encouragement while I'm writing (or a pretty distraction...)
  12. little packet of bobby pins that came from Claire's for about a worth it as well.