Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Any good macaroon suggestions?

I had one of these in France...but it was not a typical small macaron.  It was fantastic!  Madame and I were walking in Avignon after visiting Palais des Papes (which was really great...if you go to Avignon, pay the few Euros to tour the place!).  Anywho, we were walking around Place de l'Horlage and stopped at a sandwich shop to get lunch and a macaroon (strawberry!!) that was about 3 inches in diameter!!!.  This shop is where we stopped, actually!! :) :)

I'm so glad I found that on Google Maps!! Just made my day! :) I was wondering, has anyone made French macaroons?  I've looked for recipes and such online, but I was just curious if anyone had made them and has any tips for me! :)  I hope to experiment making some in the near future.  I have some lavender, so I just may make some lavender flavored ones.  I also have some rose honey I bought in Nice, France that I may use in some filling in a vanilla flavored macaron. (This is assuming I master the macaron-making technique!)