Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Litte Shop Change :)

I've been introduced to Big Cartel lately.  At first, I couldn't quite tell the difference between that and etsy, but after reading Mandy's comparison here everything was clearer! :)  I've been considering this for a little while, and now it's happening! I've started a Big Cartel shop, but only for my father-in-law's artwork.  I've decided this way, I don't have to list a quantity and pay per item (considering we have oodles of packs of notecards...listing each one would cost a small fortune!) Plus, I can group the notecards into one or two groups.  I'm working on adding some of his original watercolor pieces, as well as some prints.  Right now I have a few of each.  I'm still using the free account, so I can't add more unless I....1. group some together like I did with the notecards or 2. upgrade (which is a possibility in the future!)

Check out the shop and let me know what you think! 
Bruce Lucas Watercolors

Of course, like I said yesterday, there are still new items being added to my etsy shop!  I'm just going to make it more focused on sewing projects, jewelry, and whatever else I decide to sell later! :)