Monday, June 28, 2010

A Blueberry & Mint Dinner (Finally!)

Since I went home this weekend, I never got around to making anything with my blueberries and mint, but today for my mini dinner, I did!  My stomach was acting crazy earlier this morning, so I thought the mint would do it some good.  I kinda took the recipe I posted earlier last week as and idea and went with it.  I only had about 20 minutes to make something because I had to be at the desk to work from 9pm to 10pm. (Cheer and Dance camp are in our building this week!)

First I boiled some of my pretty noodles (the colorful kind! haha!)
When the noodles were almost ready, I put a few mint leaves in the water to let the oils cook with the noodles.
I drained the noodles & mint and put them on my plate that I had sprinkled with some shredded cheese (so the warm noodles would melt the cheese).
Then I rinsed some blueberries and sprinkled them over the top of my pasta, and sprinkled a little more cheese on top as well.  That and some cucumber water was a perfect small meal for me.  Some of the cheer coaches came by and asked me what I was eating...I told them, and they said it sounded pretty good! :)

Sorry about the super fuzzy/blurry picture.  I took it with my phone and apparently couldn't hold my arms still...and there's a shadow happening at the same time haha.  Either way, you get the idea!! :)

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