Friday, July 22, 2011

Cinnamon Breakfast Bread

I found a yummy recipe for Cinnamon Bread online I HAD to try out.  It’s so easy…and it starts to smell yummy when you mix the first three ingredients (before the oven is even preheated!! haha!)

I thought about taking the recipe I use for white bread and just spreading a cinnamon mixture on top, rolling it up, and baking it, but when I came across the recipe at Recipe Girl, it sounded so much better (it involves butter hehe!)

Here’s a link to her recipe for Cinnamon Swirl Bread. She includes pictures of step-by-step instructions, as well as a printable version of her recipe.  If you’ve never made bread with yeast, this is a good one to start with! :)

…And here is (what’s left of) the result! I sent some back with my sister-in-law, then Adam found what was staying here, and we both sampled a few slices haha!downsized_0722010753

I think next time I want to sprinkle a little extra cinnamon-sugar-brownsugar mixture on top of the loaf before I bake it.  As is, it’s got the perfect hint of cinnamon (with cinnamon in the batter itself) and wonderful bursts of cinnamon when you get to a swirl.

I also want to try to roll out the dough thinner before spreading the  cinnamon mixture on top, so that I will have more swirls! :)

If you have a good bread recipe of any kind, let me know!  I’ve got quite a few yummy ones floating around my blog if you want to try one out yourself!

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