Monday, July 26, 2010

Today is definitely miscellaneous :)

1. I just saw I have 50 followers!!! Ahhh!!! I never thought that would happen!! :)  I'm currently brainstorming what kind of giveaway I can do when I make it to 100...I paint, sew, craft, so I've got a few options running through my head! :)

2. We got SO MUCH MAIL today!! :) Not all fun stuff, but lots of fun stuff included!! :)  First thing I opened was my package from Kim at Oh, Sweet Joy.  She's got her shop closed for now because her and her hubby are traveling overseas to teach English and minister for a few months!! (Keep them in your prayers!)  I found out about her shop through a friend of a friend (who is now a friend as well...was that confusing? haha)  Look at what I got for me!!! (I can't show you the other because it's a gift for my sister and I don't want her sneaking peaks at it....)

blurry...sorry...cellphone and trying to take a picture of something you can't see hahaha..but hey! you can see a picture I painted in the background haha :)
As soon as I opened it, I took the sunglasses off my head and replaced it with this!! I think I'm going to like wearing it.... :)

3. The rest of our mail consisted of...
--a letter from Church about Deacon elections
--something about Adam's school loans (boring.)
--a card from Adam's Aunt & Uncle (exciting!! I'll wait till he gets back from the gym)
--my all*you magazine I've been patiently waiting on (exciting!)
--a card from Adam's parents (exciting!! waiting for Adam to get home..)
--a Geico mailing...probably junk mail bc even though we're insured with them we still somehow get their "sign up with us" mail (boring....)
--a card from Adam's Grandma (exciting!! waiting on Adam again hahah)
--a Ranger Joe's catalog (exciting for Adam!!)
--my sticker for my car tag renewal (exciting so I don't get a ticket next week!)
--Belk bill for that really cute shirt I bought when I went shopping with Mom (not exciting...but not terribly boring...reminder of a fun day! :) )

----OH! AND my new American Eagle capris....I'll try them on in a second :)

4. I've got a good bit of schoolwork coming up this week and next, so I probably won't be posting a whole lot of crafty things, but I do plan on posting some food things because we've decided to get creative with the ingredients in our cabinet and freezer to come up with meals for the next two weeks and only buy necessities like milk, bread, and eggs for a your eyes peeled for dinner ideas! :)

5. Just got an email saying my prize from my CSN giveaway has been shipped! Woohoo!! :)

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