Thursday, October 21, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge : Day 5 : Your Siblings

2 years 2 days and some hours after I was born, Rachel showed up! :)
We're quite a pair aren't we? :)
Since then, she's grown hair.  Lots of pretty pretty long curly hair that she straightens
...but it's super pretty when it's curly!! :)
I scoped out Facebook for some curly/straight's what I found!

Aww and she pretty. :) And she makes funny faces too.  They make me laugh! :)

Really that would be both of my sisters make funny's a nice lead-in to Sarah! :)

10 years 3 months and 13 days (whoa, look at that..10+3=13 haha) after I was born (therefore, 8 years, 3 months, and 11 days after Rachel) Sarah showed up! :)

Look at that cute little baby!! :)


And now she's just too grown up!

Here are some more sisterly pictures through the years! :)
((Sorry Mom if I make you cry again!!! :) :) :) )

The day I moved to Auburn for the first time.

This girl loooves Auburn.

Aren't they just precious? :)

Rachel came to a rainy Auburn game with me! :)

And I went to watch her volleyball team in Auburn...

...and in Bham.

Rachel's HS Graduation.  I look rough, but she looks pretty! :)