Wednesday, October 20, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge : Day 4 : Your parents

Well, I introduced them briefly yesterday, but let's talk a little more about them! :)

My parents met in high school and got married when they were 22 (like me & Adam!)  They had me when they were 27...and I was born on the 27th! (What a fun coincidence! My middle sister was born on the 29th and Mom & Dad were 29 that year. :) )  Both of my parents are incredibly intuitive.  They can figure out how to make anything they set their minds to!  I'm pretty sure my Mom made me a new wardrobe for my Kindergarten year!  Every year until I was in about the fifth or sixth grade, Mom made each of us a new first day of school outfit!  I never went without cute clothes, that's for sure! Oh and I always had some cute hairbows to go with my outfits! :)  In the way my mom works with fabric, my dad works with wood.  I've got one of the coolest desk around.  I say "one of" because my sister has the other one! :) Dad and PawPaw made some very nice custom desks for me and Rachel one year for Christmas.  He can tell you exactly how many nails/screws are in the desk.  It's mostly glued together!  I also had some great room dividers, a merry-go-round, and a tree platform (we moved before it grew into a house!)  I'm 100% sure I got my creativity from them! :)