Monday, October 11, 2010

New Look for October!

I decided to play around with HTML (that took forever...there's always more to learn about that stuff!) and change up my blog's look to be pink this month for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. :) Although it looks pretty simple, it took FOREVER to put together because my flower insisted on only covering part of the screen.  I set it straight though! :) :)  I was going to keep the same banner and just make it pink (if you happened to click on my page while I was editing, you may have seen that) but I decided to use the same font and change the background and colors of the banner.

PS I found a pretty nifty site that breaks down a lot of HTML that I never even thought about editing.  The page I used was all about backgrounds and editing them but there are lots more pages on their blog about other random things you can do with HTML (including all the HTML Color Codes)  Anywho, I feel accomplished (and tired) now!

What else did I do today? I'm working on transforming a dress that belonged to my Dad's Mom in the 1960s (or sometime around then) to be a dress that fits me and that looks good on me.  It started out as a drop-waist style dress (not sure if that's the technical term, but it was something similar to this but with a bigger skirt) and I'm going to make it empire-waist and cut the sleeves to be cap sleeves (something along the lines of this dress).  These pictures aren't exactly right, but close! When it's done, I'll post before and after pictures!! :)