Friday, October 22, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge : Day 6 : Something that makes you happy

So many things!
I'm pretty easy-going most of the time therefore pretty easy to please.

I'm going to brainstorm the simple things in life that make me happy. :)

Sunshine - everything is prettier in the sun!

Fall leaves - the smell & the sound :)

Creeks - they remind me of crawdad fishing with my sister, mom, & cousin when I was little.
That's actually a very big creek in the Smokey Mountains! :)

Crayons - the smell & the reminder of "coloring contests" with my Dad & sister when we were little. :)
Crayola 24 Ct Crayons

Smiles - for example, when you're walking somewhere (I'm thinking like when I'm shopping alone and it's not too busy out) and a random person gives you a genuine smile and says Hi. They don't know you, but they just made your day a little better! :) I try to be that person for someone else as often as possible.  Smiling at someone else can make your day better too! :)

Fireplaces - mostly the smell because it reminds me of campfires from when we used to go camping alllll the time, and now that I'm married to a Firefighter, it's the smell of my husband coming home from work (especially when he's gone for a full 24 hours and was more likely to go to a fire).

Woods - We used to always go walking in the woods when we were younger.  Dad would tell us we were going far away from home and make us think we'd walked a long way, when we essentially just walked down the street!

Sidewalks - speaking of walking down the street....Sidewalks always make me think of MamaRie & PawPaw and the walks we used to take to their house when we lived down the street from them! :)
Not a picture of a sidewalk, but let's pretend for a minute that we walked on the sidewalk to get to their house to eat those yummy suckers. :)

Rainbows - Like Dad said when we saw one the day of my Auburn tour, God doesn't put a rainbow up for nothing.  It's always a reminder of his Promises to us.  He's taken good care of me in this little college town the last six years! :)
I made it all the way through the list finding pictures on my computer or on Facebook...until I got to rainbow.  I guess that's my new mission...get a great picture of a rainbow! In it's place, here's a picture of me being happy! :)