Sunday, October 17, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge with Katie's Journey: Day 1

I'm a little delayed starting this, but at least I'm starting it! :) :)

Katie's Journey is doing a link up for 30 days with various topics for you to write about so that others can get to know you! :)

Day 1 is Introduce, Recent Picture, and 15 Interesting Facts

In case you didn't guess from the title, I'm a graduate student married to a firefighter! :)  We live in an On-Campus Residence Hall with about 100 undergraduate females.  I'll be taking my comprehensive exams for my Master's Degree in Exercise Science-Biomechanics next semester and assuming I pass those I'll start my Doctorate program in Exercise Science-Motor Behavior.  Why the two different specializations? Oh, because I love studying both areas!! :)  My husband is majoring in Exercise Science as well and is highly considering a double major in Nutrition! :)

15 random facts....

  1. I met that guy in the picture with me (from our one year anniversary) in the tenth grade.
  2. We started dating in the eleventh grade. (That counts as 2 different facts, right?) :)
  3. I'm the oldest of three girls.
  4. My favorite outfit is a t-shirt, jeans, and my Chaco flip-flops. (with a sweatshirt if it's getting chilly!!)
  5. Anytime I'm sick, my favorite thing to eat is a big bowl of Cream of Chicken soup.
  6. I could drink orange juice all day!!
  7. I love that the weather is just to the point to where I can ride my bike to class and back!
  8. I'm incredibly forgetful...I always remember what I forget but at the most inconvenient times. (Example: for the last two months I've been trying to remember to schedule an eye doctor's appointment.  I can never remember to schedule it until after the eye doctor closes or on the weekends.  One day I'll remember I guess!
  9. Speaking of eyes, I feel like I've got some crazy vision!  Without glasses or contacts, I can see less than a foot in front of me with my left eye, and about two feet in front of me with my right eye.  Imagine the cross-eyed feelings there! hahah! :)
  10. I love to speak French! (I need more people to practice talking to me!!) :)
  11. My ears aren't pierced.  I'm kinda chicken and I pretty much know I would just forget to wear them (remember, I'm forgetful!!!)
  12. I used to dance in high school! :) I loved it and I miss it!
  13. I love watching wedding planning shows, even though shows like Bidezillas just make me mad because the girls just don't know how to act!
  14. I can't wait to be a mom, but I'm going to unless God has a different plan! :)
  15. I have lots of plans to design my own clothes.  Don't know if I would sell them, but I would at least make them and wear them! :)