Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blog Award! Sunshine Award!

I saw this yesterday but we were busy busy busy getting ready for our girls to move in today. ((I'm so excited about this year!))

Emily over at Emerging Em gave me and award!

Now I get to tell you seven things about me!

1. I love coffee.  I have an espresso machine in my apartment and my kitchen is currently decorated with a French Cafe theme. :)

2. I've taught two people to sew in the past year...and I'm pretty sure they can both sew better than me now!

3.  My lifelong desire is to be a stay-at-home mom. :) Until then, I'll keep schooling and working! :)

4.  I love Jesus (in case that wasn't obvious yet, we'll throw that one out there!! :) )

5.  M&Ms are on my brain right now.  We made M&M inspired cupcakes and doortags for our residents...and our t-shirt is going to be M&M themed as well. :) ((I'll post pictures of the cupcakes later).

6.  I tend to wear jeans/tshirt everyday...or short/tshirt.  I try to be better and look nicer, but it just never happens.  When it does, I'll start doing one of the "What I Wore Wednesday" blog parties!

7.  I've lived in this college town for about a third of my life now.  How crazy is that? Mom figured that one out the other day.  Watching all these new girls moving in today reminds me of when I moved in back in 05.  I was on the third floor, no elevator.  We spoil our girls!! We have cupcakes and cold water out here for them to drink....and we have an elevator! :)

And now I'm going to tag some of the blogs that I read that really brighten my day!
(since it's the Sunshine Award)

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Thanks Emily!! :)