Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week Recap! :)

Ok so sorry my only blog this week was a picture of a cup of coffee...but the first week with residents/week of training doesn't leave much time to do any creative cooking or sewing to blog about.  So let's see...what did I do this week?

Sunday - Rested and relaxed in my apartment with Megan...watching Netflix and periodically checking on the girls who had moved in (although they were all pretty busy for the most part).
Monday - Training. I got a new book to read too (Three Cups of Tea).  Every incoming student at Auburn (whether they are a Freshman or Transfer student) was assigned to read this book because some of their introductory classes are supposed to incorporate the book into lesson plans.  Since I have a pretty large group of incoming students this year, my boss gave me (and the rest of the staff members) a copy of the book to read.
Tuesday - Training.  We learned about our new online system for submitting documents and such for work! I like it! :)
Wednesday - Training.  Listened to some guest speakers who gave us information about on-campus services and......
I got another blog award!!! :) Megan at A Ruffle in Time gave me...
Yay! Thank you!! :)
To accept I need to
1. Thank the person that gave me the award and link back to them (done!)
2.  Name 7 things about myself.
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So here goes! I'm picking a topic for myself...when I learned things....

  1. I really can't remember when I learned to sew.  There are pictures of my sister and I helping my mom stuff stuffing into a lot of baby dolls she was making.  Granted, I wasn't using a needle and thread, I was still learning some necessary sewing skills! :)
  2. Once again, I don't really know when I started learning to play the piano...My Dad always played, and at some point, I decided I wanted to learn to play.  I started taking piano lessons when I was in Kindergarten.  I stopped lessons in the eighth grade, but still play from time to time when I go to my parent's house.
  3. I started dance classes the summer before my eighth grade year.  My sister was taking lessons and my mom went to sign her up.  While she was there, she was entered in a drawing for free summer lessons and won! I figured since it was free, I might as well try it!!  I kept taking lessons through high school and danced off and on in undergrad as well.
  4. I started learning to speak French in the ninth grade.  To be a candidate for the IB diploma, you had to take 4 years of a foreign language, so I did!  When I got to Auburn, I wound up getting my minor in French as well! :)
  5. I learned to drive a little later than most.  Since I was going to a demanding high school (30 minutes from home) and taking dance lessons, I didn't really have much time (or energy) to learn to drive...therefore, I got my license a few months before I turned 18, rather than right after I turned 16 like everyone else!
  6. I learned to swim....hhaha. I still can't swim to save my life.  I tell everyone I learned to swim when I was around 14 or something.  I took swimming lessons one summer, but I got demoted to the class below my younger sister...and she got promoted to my class.  Slightly humiliating haha.
  7. I learned to make a latte when I got an espresso machine after we got married. :) I'd make them more often, but then I have to clean the machine haha (lazy, I know).  But, when I do make them, I feel like they turn out pretty good! (Some of my barista friends have agreed with me, so that makes me feel better!!)
Thursday - Training.  We did a really neat activity called "The Story of Us" where everyone in the group (about seven of us) shared whatever we wanted with everyone about our life story.  We did a lot of laughing, but a good bit of crying too.  I definitely got to know those folks better! :)
Friday - Training.  We listened to a couple of police officers talk about safety on campus.  We then did an activity called "Behind Closed Doors" where the returning RAs act out scenarios that new RAs may encounter  in their first year and the new RAs get a chance to practice comforting residents, approaching residents, and referring residents.
Saturday - Check-Ins!!!! :)  We didn't have very many check-in today because almost everyone was here already!! :)  Megan and I also cleaned out our office again and rearranged it so it's more like an "office" and less like a "storage closet."

Saturday night was the most fun I'm sure!!  We cooked up a pasta feast for our girls who didn't have plans tonight and had "Family Game Night."  We had 25 girls come to dinner! It was an absolute blast and everyone seemed like they were having so much fun! When everyone was getting ready to leave they were all swapping phone numbers.  Seeing that makes me smile and remember why I love my job. :)  Not that I forgot, but when you don't have your regular residents for about three months, you really get to missing having girls hanging out in the lobby.

Anywho, now that I've gotten you completely caught up in what's likely my longest blog entry ever, I'll leave you with some pictures from this week. :) (mostly tonight obviously!)

Cupcakes we made last Saturday for check-ins...inspired by M&Ms :)

Maybe not the prettiest way, but for sure the easiest way to cook Marinara and Alfredo sauce to feed 25 people....especially if you're trying to cook noodles and toast for all those people at the same time!!

Side note: The crock-pot on the left was a wedding gift my parents were given when they got married...and the one on the right was a wedding gift Adam and I got when we got married!

Look at all those girls! :) This is 16 of the people who came.  Before the end of the night, we had 25 people!  When 1/4 of your building come to an activity, that's AWESOME! Especially when they don't know each other for the most part! :) :) It just put smiles all over mine and Megan's face! :)