Saturday, August 7, 2010

Praying Expecting for Beverly

Some of you may have seen the link in my side bar to my cousin's CaringBridge Page.   Beverly's been on my mind all day.  Make that all week.  A few years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and it has really spread the last month or so.  She had surgery to remove her gallbladder recently, but she still had jaundice afterwards (evidence that her liver isn't as it should be).  She's married to my dad's cousin and they have eight children who she's homeschooled in the past.  The two oldest are in college now, and the next three oldest are going to their church's private school this year.  Please keep praying for Beverly that she will not get sick during the day, and that she will be able to sleep well at night.  Her migraines are very painful most days.  Pray for her husband as he's taking care of her.  Pray for her children as they start at a new school for the first time.  I made a button, but I haven't formatted it yet.  (I've got a little editing I want to do, including adding a verse reference to the bottom - Psalm 40:1, and her name as well.  I want to clean up the edges some too.)  When I do format it with a link (to her CaringBridge page), I'll put it on my sidebar with the html so you can add it on your sidebar if you like!

Thanks so much again everyone!

I'll probably do some blogging tomorrow after another day of check-ins because I got an award today that I need to officially accept! Goodnight!