Saturday, August 28, 2010

An Award from Mandy's Yellow Corner!

I love love love this blog! I know I've blogged about her cute creations before (I won a necklace of hers on one of her giveaways! Which, by the way, she has a giveaway going on right now, so head over there!)

This week she passed three awards on to me! :)

The day she passed them to me, she was tagged with 8 questions, which are perfect for answering 7 random'm going to answer those too (because coming up with random facts about yourself is mind-boggling! hahaha!...and I like the questions. :) )

1. Would you rather live in a big home or a tiny cottage?
Considering I live in a relatively tiny space now, I want to say "big home" but at the same time, I've always wanted a cute little as long as I have a place for all my future kids to sleep, a kitchen, and an office with enough space for all my sewing/crafting stuff...I'll be happy. :)

2. Your favorite season and why?
mmm....Fall.  Not too hot, not too cold.  I live in Alabama, so summer and winter are pretty extreme.  Spring is pretty much summer with another name around here.  But in the fall, I can ride my bike around campus without sweating up a storm, and I can walk to class without having to bundle up in clothes that keep me protected from the cold and wind (that make you sweat while you're walking to class....)

3. Disney or Vegas?
Disney Disney Disney.  I'm a princess..... :)  When Beauty and the Beast came out, I would purposely try to keep a strand of hair our of my ponytail so I'd look more like Belle. And last year for my birthday, Adam gave me at least one Disney movie a month for a year...he usually wound up giving me two or three unless it was a new movie that cost more.  I was pretty proud of him because he started shopping on eBay and Amazon for them! :) :)

4. Your favorite hobby? stuff on the computer...
((One of these things is not-that-much-like the other... haha))

5. Favorite family activity?
Speaking of Fall....I love it when me and Adam go walking around campus when it's perfect weather outside. It usually involves walking to Five Guys or somewhere else to eat....and now we have two frozen yogurt places they will probably be added to the walking trips. :)

6. Dream Job?
Stay at home mom. :) With a clothing shop...and a coffee shop connected to the clothing shop that one of my best friends Catherine could manage because she's a coffe coniseur.  I try to be, but she's better.  And a gym in the back so people could come to me for personal training.  So basically, if I could be mom+seamstress+drink coffee+personal trainer all in one. :) mmm...and French tutor.  Overambitious??

7. When did you last laugh so hard that you cried?
I don't remember specifically, but I'm quite sure it involved Adam saying or doing something to absolutely crack me up.  I'm pretty sure his goal in life is to make me laugh!

8. What do you do to relax?
Prop up on our super comfy couch and drink some coffee or orange juice...and read a magazine or read the blogs I follow (better than magazines usually!!)

And now who should I pass these awards to?? I follow a kajillion blogs and I love reading them all (even if I don't get to every day).  Here are some that I read often, but I haven't passed an award onto yet. :)

If you want to pass it on, go for it! I just wanted all of you to be recognized and I wanted to send some people over to your blogs!! :)