Monday, August 23, 2010

Coffee Cozy

I started this coffee cozy (with hand appliquéd initial because I picked some finicky fabric to use....hahah)  a while back for a friend and I didn't finish it because somehow, it just wasn't going to be big enough.  Well I was thinking the other day....I really like the cozies that Laura at along for the ride makes and sells on her etsy shop.  They were the inspiration for my passport covers on my etsy page (I needed a good way of keeping my passport closed, so my boarding passes wouldn't fall out!)  I decided that since the cozy I was making my friend was just a smidgen too small for a coffee cup, I'd take out the last seam I'd sewn and attempt to make it as cute as Laura's!

(Don't hate on the bad photography skills this morning...I took the pictures pretty soon after I woke up...and my contacts weren't in...and I don't photograph well with I had to take them off and see what happened hahahahaha)

PS I have most definitely gotten my money's worth out of that reusable au bon pain cup! We have an au bon pain on campus (that I might visit more frequently this semester since I have class near it) and they had these cups for sale for about 3 or 4 dollars, and when you bought it the first time, you got a free cup of coffee.  it came with a punch card, that after you refilled it 5 or 6 times, you got another free cup of coffee...and as you can see from the worn out scratchiness around the bottom, it's made it into my car's cupholder quite a few times for those trips to Birmingham and back!! :)  Not many cups fit in my cupholder for some reason, and this is one of two or three that I have that do! :)