Saturday, August 21, 2010

Grow Hair Grow!

Hair Length ChartI'm growing my hair back out again to donate!  I had already been planning on it, and when Beverly got sick again, I knew I wanted to for sure.  In the past, I've donated my hair to Locks of Love in honor of my cousin Jenna, a friend of mine Ellen, and in honor of Beverly as well.  Since this time I'm specifically donating in honor of Beverly, I wanted to find an organization that focuses more on giving wigs to women with cancer.  I found out that Pantene Beautiful Lengths does!  They provide wigs to the American Cancer Society to give women who have lost hair due to cancer treatment. To help me keep up with how long my hair is getting, I'm going to keep a measurement on the side of my blog!  I need at least an 8-inch ponytail to donate, so I'm going to keep up with the length of my hair past my chin (because that's probably how short I'll cut it when I do!)  I could probably go ahead and donate now, but it'd be cutting it close.  My shortest layer by the sides of my face comes about 6 inches past my chin.  When I put my hair in a ponytail and pull it out some (like I normally do when I cut it), my ponytail is RIGHT at 8 inches.  So we'll give it some time so I can donate another long ponytail! :)

July 2002 beginning of Sophomore year of high school - First time I donated hair!
I cut off 12 inches of hair that was so long!!

And this is how it happened the second time!
August 2007 - beginning of Junior year of College

What we cut off.  Those scissors weren't hair-cutting was a little difficult!
The before and after from that day

And the most recent hair cut....where the ponytail wasn't long enough...
Yep, that's really how it happened...